Friday Features: ENC's Macie Harlan Gains Valuable Experience with Hometown Law Enforcement Department

Friday Features: ENC's Macie Harlan Gains Valuable Experience with Hometown Law Enforcement Department

QUINCY, Mass.- Eastern Nazarene College women's soccer rising junior Macie Harlan has spent the summer interning (remotely, of course) with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office's Cyber Security Department in Florida. Here's a glimpse into her internship experience.

Where are you currently interning?

"I am interning with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office in Florida."

What is your major at ENC?

"My majors are Psychology and Crime Law & Justice."

Describe your overall internship experience.

"I am having a really cool experience. I work just two days a week and so far I've gotten a cyber security and a human trafficking certificate, and have written a research paper on the link between first responders (of all kinds not just police officers) in mass disasters. Also I've done your basic intern excel sheets for the Department too!"

Did you learn anything that you found to be particularly useful? 

"I have learned that human traffickers have many things in common with sexual predators and even cults in how they prey on and choose/keep their victims."

Were there any projects that you worked on that you found to be interesting?

"I enjoyed learning about human trafficking and writing the paper that researched first responders the best."

How will this internship help you in your career moving forward?

"With the various types of things I will be exploring in both fields of study through this internship, I will be able to learn more about where I want the two degrees to take me moving forward."

How did you secure your internship?

"I secured my internship by uploading an application and resume, and then following up multiple times via email with the internship coordinator."

Do you have any tips for students who are looking for an internship?

"My advice would be to apply to internships you think you'll enjoy. Nobody wants to have to feel like setting their future up is a task. It should feel more like a hobby or source of entertainment. But don't expect to like it all either, because you're learning and becoming familiar with everything and it can get hectic sometimes."

- Story and photo courtesy of Eastern Nazarene College - 


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