NECC Student Specialists Wrap Up An Unconventional Internship

NECC Student Specialists Wrap Up An Unconventional Internship

By: Hannah Nelson, NECC Student Specialist 

Evelyn and I had the incredible opportunity to be Student Specialists for the New England Collegiate Conference this year, and we could not be more grateful. We were not sure what to expect when we first accepted the position; as we are both sport and recreation management majors and student-athletes, we were thrilled at the idea of being able to gain experience while working within our athletic conference. 

Although it was unfortunately cut short, the knowledge we have gained from this opportunity will help us immensely as we pursue our own careers. We improved our communication skills, our interview/writing abilities, and gained understanding on how a collegiate conference operates. 

“The past six months have been such an educational and rewarding experience for me,” said Evelyn. “It truly has helped me figure out just what I want to do for a career within athletics after graduation. Working at the ESports Becker Showcase really helped me see all the action firsthand that both Jacob and Lindsay do at events. I really appreciated how much freedom they both gave Hannah and me when it came to writing pieces for a featured story or creating a new photoshop image. They gave advice as well as helped us add our own touches to each piece. I am very thankful to have had this opportunity, I have gained so much more knowledge with using Adobe, as well as an insight to the inner workings of a collegiate conference.” 

Working on projects and attending championship games for the spring sports season was something I was looking forward to, being that I was in-season during a majority of my time as an intern. Though, I truly enjoyed being able to write feature pieces for the conference this year. Having the ability to share the stories of my fellow NECC members was a genuinely heartwarming experience.

Beyond the experiential and educational knowledge, we have gained from this opportunity, Evie and I have each gained a friend that we otherwise wouldn’t have met. We’ve often noted how much of a relief it was to have each other during this process, as learning new skills and diving into unfamiliar topics is not always easy. We have connected and bonded during our time working together and are grateful that this adventure brought an unexpected friendship. 

We are incredibly thankful and grateful to Commissioner Jacob VanRyn and Assistant Commissioner Lindsay Colbert for choosing us to be NECC Student-Specialists this year. A huge thank you as well to the Athletic Operations of the NECC member schools who helped us complete various projects throughout the year.


The NECC began competition in the 2008-09 academic year and current member institutions compete across 15 sports. The NECC membership focuses on providing athletic competition among institutions that share similar academic aspirations and are committed to the importance of the total educational experience for students engaged in sports. Current members include Bay Path University, Becker College, Dean College, Eastern Nazarene College, Elms College, Lesley University, Mitchell College and New England College.